My Blog Life in Louisville – Anita Woody

Life’s a funny thing I guess. Fancy me at 36 years old and still single. Some things just never change, and I’m good with it. I like being single and in full control of my life and the things around me.

I moved from the great northwest to Louisville KY with my parents some 24 years ago then lost them in a tragic accident 7 years later. Since then I’ve been here on my own living life and getting by.

I should be upfront that I’m a hermit/spinster and have no need for men in my life. I find them to be troublesome creatures that are irrational and barbaric, not to mention that they’re totally unpredictable.

I like to garden and grow most everything I eat. Yes, I’m a vegetarian, and my neighbors think it’s crazy that my yard and house is like a zoo. So yes I’m the crazy neighbor lady. Can you believe they tried to get the city to pass an ordinance where I couldn’t keep my chickens! What’s up with that?

My chickens (and other pets) are my friends. They provide me with company and fresh eggs every morning. So many eggs that I still have a bunch left over that I take to the farmers market every weekend and get to make a little extra money. Yes, I love my chickens and their wacky personalities.

What do I do for a living? I teach at the college level, mostly social related stuff, and I’m heavily into women’s rights. Our country has kept women down far to long and I approach our rights as humans like a one woman army. I vote Democrat with a capital D, and am socially liberal in all regards.

So there I am. I decided to do this blog so that I could learn something new. I love learning new things and think learning is the spice of life.