Winter is a Great Time to be Depressed and Bored

I’ve never liked winter. I loathe it’s coming every year.

This year is particularly bad because Hermanudo my pet hamster died recently and there’s been no consolation since his passing.

Most people think to themselves.. How can a person actually miss a hamster?

I’ll tell you how. Herman used to run every night in his little wheel that I put in his cage. It’s like he was running off the pounds or something. Who knows maybe he ran his little self to death. But the sound of that wheel at night is something I sorely miss what with it’s squeaking and all.

When I first got the wheel for him it almost drove me crazy. He’d never use it during the day unless it was when I was at work and I just never knew about it. But at night, usually after midnight he would start to run and he’d run for a few hours. After time though I got used to it and like I mentioned earlier I really miss it now. The house is just to quite at night without Hermanudo the hamster running on his wheel.

I’ve applied for a job with a local web designer here in Louisville trying to get part time work as a writer to try to take my mind off of it. I seen where they were running an add and responded to it. Who knows?

They asked if I knew anything about WordPress when they emailed back and I told them yeah and sent them a link to my blog here. Their site is a little beyond what my web design skills are though. I tried to make it clear to them that I know how to write an article and paste it into word press but not much more.  Afterwards a guy did call, and said he liked my blog and thought it was funny and that he would probably be in touch.

I hope they call 🙂